Bon Energy Monster Fly

Sviluppatore: Lanh Nguyen thi ca
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

On the screen there will be colorful monsters floating and they will run out of energy and will leave if not recharged. At the bottom of the screen is another monster holding energy orbs of the same color as one of the flying monsters. The player will see what energy the monster in the bottom corner of the screen is holding, then move and shoot that energy ball at the monster flying above (tap the screen to shoot the energy ball in the direction of the touch). into the). into the). Remember to charge continuously so that the monsters fly to the other side of the screen. Every time the right type of energy is used, the monster will fly for 2-3 seconds and then slow down

* Victory condition: highest score in mode

* Loss condition: Monsters fall to the ground 5 times or receive the wrong type of energy 5 times

* How to divide LV:

- Normal: Each time you refuel, Monsters gain 5 seconds to fly

- Difficult: More monsters. Every time you refuel, Monsters gain 2 seconds to fly

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