Brain Blocks – Easy Training

Sviluppatore: Nguyen Thi Minh Thu
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

This game is a very classic block elimination game. You only need to put together one row or one column to complete the elimination.
Simply Drag the blocks, and completely fill the grid.
A simple and addictive puzzle! Once you start, there's no going back!
Please note that if the bottom square cannot be placed in the upper square, the game will be over, but you can also use a hammer.
And change props. Come and enjoy this exquisite block elimination game.

How To Play
• Drag the blocks to the frame.
• Try to fit them all in the frame.
• Blocks can't be rotated.
• Don't worry! No time limits!

• Tons of free levels.
• Simple rules and Easy control
• Smooth and delicate animation
• Hours of fun, exciting play

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