Candy cup Carver Challange

Sviluppatore: Usman Ali
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Welcome to the Honeycomb Dalgona Candy challenge game. Use a needle or any provided tool to carve and extract Honeycomb Dalgona sugar candy without breaking it. Dalgona sugar candy shapes can be carve with different tools.
The game gallery is full of unique Dalgona sugar candy shapes. Unlock and select Dalgona candy shape, and start carving. Different types of needles can be selected from the equipment gallery to enhance gameplay fun.
Dalgona Sugar candy is easy to make, but extraction of a particular Dalgona shape is fun. Always try to extract shapes of dalgona sugar candy in fine form without breaking it. Sugar Candy challenge is a survival challenge game, so calm and relax and try to carve your candy.
Breaking the extra parts of sugar candy to extract the dalgona honeycomb candy shape is satisfying. Break 456 dalgona sugar candy parts and satisfy yourself.
Dalgona sugar candy challenge is addictive and fun. Now install this sugar candy survival game and play this Dalgona sugar candy activity, a survival challenge game. Pick a needle and carefully carve the Dalgona sugar candy. Kids, adults and sugar daddy are welcome to play our sugar candy game.
Game Tips
Use needle carefully when near edges and corners of dalgona sugar candy shape.
Game Features
• Player vs player offline gameplay.
• The game gallery has different dalgona candy shapes and needles.
The Game Gallery has
• Camel shape dalgona sugar candy
• Submarine shape dalgona sugar candy
• Kangaroo shape dalgona sugar candy
• Elephant shape dalgona sugar candy
• Pentagon shape dalgona sugar candy
• Circle shape dalgona honeycomb candy
• Lion shape dalgona honeycomb candy and 20 more.

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