Sviluppatore: Backpack Games
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Colonists is a fast-paced action builder. CATAPULT new settlers onto a desert island and watch the community thrive and grow in seconds!
Your aim is to build a budding colony in record time. Who wants to land on a beach? Just hurl those colonists straight into their new home! Easy right? Except for the sharks of course…
Sharks will eat your colonists, causing you to lose the game instantly. Avoid them at ALL costs! And they won’t always move predictably, so keep your eye on them.
The game features super-quick and polished gameplay. It’s so satisfying to play, because the new colonists get straight to work building houses and collecting the natural resources. You will love watching your island COME TO LIFE!
Each stage is unique, presenting a fresh challenge and varied island scenes. Each level is its own diorama. Can YOU help these pioneers to survive and prosper? How many islands can you colonize? Try Colonists now!

-One-touch hyper-casual action gameplay
-Addictive satisfying graphics
-Tonnes of unique stages
-Gradually increasing difficulty level
-Authentic animations
-A human catapult!

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