Don’t Kiss Me

App Name (Nome App): Don’t Kiss Me
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Aysu Gonen
App Category (Categoria): Giochi
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

Don't Kiss Me is an entertaining casual game in which you must help a beautiful girl get away from the City of Love to get rid of a crowd of pushy suitors who want to win her heart at any cost! There are countless exciting levels ahead of you in which you'll have to get to the finish line, along the way, firing off an army of crazed fans ready to do anything for the sake of the cherished kiss. So get behind the wheel of your convertible and drive off into the sunset, leaving the annoying pursuers far behind!

You'll be armed with a special cannon that shoots hot dogs, donuts, pizza, and many other caloric foods that can turn any opponent into a helpless fatso. You'll earn gold coins for completing levels, which can be used to buy more projectiles. Also, remember to activate various auxiliary power-ups that instantly cool down your fans' ardor. Some daredevils will try to parachute up to you, but a couple of yummy burgers will quickly bring them down. If too many lovers are chasing you, it's time to douse them head to toe with a stream of cool soda. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, then, feed all the suitors to the brim to motivate them to go not on another date and to the gym!

Don't Kiss Me - Help a Damsel Escape the City of Love in this Hilarious Casual Game!

Step into the comically chaotic world of "Don't Kiss Me," an uproarious casual game that challenges you to assist a beautiful girl in escaping the relentless pursuit of ardent suitors in the City of Love. With a multitude of exciting levels ahead, you'll need to guide her to safety while fending off an army of overzealous admirers willing to go to great lengths for a chance at a coveted kiss. So, jump into your convertible, hit the road, and leave the persistent pursuers in the dust!

Gameplay and Features:
"Don't Kiss Me" delivers an uproarious and action-packed gameplay experience that will keep you in stitches. As you progress through a series of side-splitting levels, you'll navigate the chaotic streets of the City of Love, all while using a special cannon to shoot an assortment of calorific foods like hot dogs, donuts, and pizza at the relentless suitors. Watch as these culinary projectiles transform your pursuers into helpless "fatsos," slowing down their pursuit.

Completing levels earns you gold coins that can be used to purchase additional projectiles to keep your suitors at bay. Additionally, activate various power-ups that can instantly cool down the ardor of your fans. If audacious suitors attempt to parachute down to you, a few well-aimed burgers will quickly bring them back to earth. And if you find yourself overwhelmed by the crowd of lovers, unleash a stream of cool soda to soak them from head to toe.

A Hilarious Escape:
Embark on a hilariously chaotic escape adventure as you help the damsel evade the relentless suitors in a city filled with laughter and absurdity.

Target Audience:
"Don't Kiss Me" appeals to a diverse audience, including casual gamers, comedy enthusiasts, and those seeking a lighthearted and comical gaming experience. Its accessible mechanics and humorous premise make it suitable for players of all skill levels.

Side-Splitting Comedy: Immerse yourself in a comically chaotic world filled with hilarity and absurdity.
Culinary Projectiles: Use a special cannon to shoot calorific foods at suitors, transforming them into "fatsos."
Entertaining Power-Ups: Activate power-ups to cool down your fans' ardor and deal with parachute-wielding admirers.

In conclusion, "Don't Kiss Me" invites players to partake in a side-splitting adventure, helping a damsel escape the relentless pursuit of ardent suitors in the City of Love. With its uproarious gameplay, culinary chaos, and entertaining power-ups, this casual game offers hours of comedic entertainment for players of all backgrounds and skill levels. Join the escapade, fend off the admirers, and revel in the laughter-filled world of "Don't Kiss Me"!

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