Dots Connect

Sviluppatore: SikYi Chan
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Dots Connect is a simple yet addictive puzzle game

Explore the unique game play of joining 3 dots with the same colour together The game is endless play time and the moves are all dependant on how its strategically being used. Power boost are generated upon combining 4 or more dots together to allow faster clearing of the area.

*** Dots Connect Features are below ***
* Connecting 3 or more dots to clear it
* Connecting more then 4 dots will help spawn power boost
* Multiple boost to help clear the dots depending the type of boost
* Dots with numbers are used to recover more moves if its life its used up
* Game Centre Integration

* Look & Feel
- Smooth and polished touch
- Colourful UI
- Fun sound effects.

Give Dots Connect a try.

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