Fun Fruit Harvest

Sviluppatore: Trang Nguyen Thi
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

There was an orange tree in bloom, the crows saw that they were going to steal my oranges and ran away.

and harvest oranges at the right time to be able to sell for money, besides there will be worm birds to help you catch worms.

so don't destroy them by mistake or you will lose

How to play: touch the screen to kill crows and harvest oranges on time, oranges will have 4 levels 1-4, we have to harvest in level 3, level 4

Damaged oranges can no longer be harvested, level 1 and level 2 oranges cannot be harvested.

The game has 2 modes easy and hard

Normal: same as above

Difficulty: there are many hawks that need 2-3 faucets to destroy, the speed of ripening to level 3 is faster and the number of fruits is also more.

Victory: highest score

Failure: Due to confusion with worms, 3 oranges were not harvested, or 3 oranges were eaten by crows.

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