Last Day Survivors

Sviluppatore: Rostyslav Hnatovskyi
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: 2,99 €

Last Day Survivors is top down shooter ( TDS ) with survival horror elements. Play as one of survivors in zombie apocalypse and try to survive in this world full of living dead. Classical top down action gameplay run and shoot. Upgrade your character and weapon to defeat zombies.

Game Features:
• Story Mode
• Survival Mode
• Various character and weapon upgrades
• Different weapon types
• Survival horror elements
• Game don't require internet connection to play

This game developed by one person without any budget. Game can contains some bugs and errors. If you find them please send me a message and i will try to fix them asap.

All game data saved on your device. If you will change device all game progress will be lost.

Game contains some microtransactions. Use them if you want support game and developer.

Thanks for playing!

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