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If you like to log the exploits of your role-playing game characters, then you need Lelya, a dedicated tool for creating written journals and stories from fantasy role-playing games.

With Lelya, you can keep a log of your character's exploits while simultaneously creating a wiki that describes the worlds they travel through. Lelya is packed with features designed specifically for recording narratives and game play from tabletop fantasy RPGs:

• A dedicated journaling/logging environment. Create individual entries, complete with synopses and in-game dates.
• In a separate Library panel, create articles that detail the places your characters go and the things, people, and beings they encounter. A full hyperlinking system lets you use the Library just like a Wiki.
• Link from personal log entries directly to Library entries.
• Record game mechanics in an "invisible" layer in your log entries. Turn the mechanics view on and off at any time to see the game events that prompted specific parts of your narrative.
• Store character stats and specifics in a dedicated Library entry. Lelya comes preconfigured with Stat templates for Ironsworn, D&D/5e and D&D/4e.
• Customize the log and library editing systems with separate preferences to get precisely the look and feel you want when writing.
• Export your entire log and library at any time as standard HTML files. Writing in Lelya does not lock up your story. If you decide to move it somewhere else later, you can easily extract all your work.
• Maintain separate logs for different characters who share a common Library. As your world grows more robust, all your characters will be able to explore the same lore and history.

Lelya is not meant as a replacement for pen and paper during play. Rather, it's a writing tool that you can use post-game or during play to ensure that you get your character's story told.

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