Monster Wash Clothes

Sviluppatore: Huan Tang
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

It is a long day for pregnant draculaura. her monster high friends are coming over in the afternoon for a tea party. house clean up, washing dirty clothes and cooking are in order. pregnant draculaura needs your help to finish all these house chores before the guests arrive. the house clean up is finished, so it is time to do the laundry. as you can see, there is a big pile of dirty clothes that need washing. separate the whites from the colored ones. do the laundry separately using the right laundry detergent and balm. how about a bit of chit chat in the meantime? the future monster high vampire mom does not have a laundry dryer, so the washed clothes must be hanged up one by one on a rope to dry. shake them well to reduce wrinkles. ironing and folding are the last laundry stages. great job! continue the fun day with pregnant draculaura playing our brand new management game! have a blast!

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