Muddy Buggy

Sviluppatore: Hakan Yucel
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Get ROLLING in Muddy Buggy!
Race down the course in your buggy and reach the end before your gas runs out!
Pass through gates which inflate your tires, making it easier to get through the thick mud on the course. You need lots of tire pressure to get through, so keep an eye on those wheels!
You can also switch between smooth racing slick tires and deep treads by picking up items. Check the road ahead and adjust your tires on the fly so Muddy Buggy uses REAL vehicle physics. Feel the movement of the suspension as your buggy slides through mud and rolls over obstacles.
Keep an eye on that gas meter! Make quick progress down the course by modifying your buggy and navigating the course with precision.
See you at the finish line!

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