Mystery Spy – Spyfall Game

Sviluppatore: Noah Crawford
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

There is a spy among us. Can you uncover the spy before they discover the secret location?

Mystery Spy is a social deception party game for 3+ players. Pass and play on a single device!

With 70+ unlockable locations, over 560 roles, and fully customizable locations, the possibilities are endless! Play as a swashbuckling pirate one round and a daring ghost hunter the next, or bluff your way to victory as the spy!


- 30+ locations with over 235 roles
- Customizable game settings
- Automatic scoring
- Detailed instructions with tips for the spy and civilians


- 70+ locations with over 560 roles
- Remove ads
- Create your own custom locations
- Draw your own location images

Fun fact: There's a spy hidden in every location image! Can you find them all?

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