Strange Drift

Sviluppatore: Shahed Mamun
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: 1,99 €

One of the most fun and challenging game out there. With your pinpoint focus and great control enjoy a special journey with a hot-air balloon by avoiding crystals/hurdles and achieving boosters.

Tap anywhere on the screen to move down and tap continuously to control your hot-air balloon. Avoid collision with the crystals. Get the spinning objects to destroy crystals and boost the score.

With its beautiful design and smooth flow, fun and challenging journey with a variety of random environments, boosters and hurdles, you are gonna experience a whole new level of gameplay ever.

Game Features:
- Seamless & infinite adventurous journey.
- Multiple difficulty levels with highly calculative & pinpoint adjustment.
- Random nice-looking crystals as hurdles.
- Continuous score boosters with random interval and their unique special effects.
- Periodic environmental changes.
- One finger Control.
- Fun animation & visual effect.

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