AR Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen

Sviluppatore: Ruggero Pedrini
Categoria: Intrattenimento
Prezzo: Gratis

Place buildings and environmental objects over the real world with AR Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen to experience the future look of Fontys campus Rachelsmolen in 2023. Move the app around the current building site and watch your future learning and working environment come to live.

This application works everywhere but if you want a full experience and see the tower with it's actual surroundings please go to Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen, Eindhoven (NL)

No authentication required-Just open and start the AR experience.

Since this is an Augmented Reality application meant to be used also on the building site of the Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen project please be aware of your surroundings. Children may be supervised while using the app.

This application is designed for a temporary and specific use, during the construction of the campus on the building site. The App does not collect or retain any data from users.

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