Coyote & Crow

Sviluppatore: Connor Alexander
Categoria: Intrattenimento
Prezzo: Gratis

With this app, you'll have access to a wealth of tools and information to help you in your Coyote & Crow saga. Including:
- A fully functional dice tool, allowing you to manage all of your dice rolling for the game, including functionality that allows you to adjust for Focus and Critical Rolls and to sort the dice from low to high, letting you easily spot your Successes and Fails.
- A news feed, keeping you in the loop on the latest update from Coyote & Crow
- A direct link to our YouTube channel, bringing you our latest helpful videos
- Access to our Wiki, helping you keep up with game terms and the definitions of Chahi words
- Access to our Chahi name generator, allowing you to easily create world accurate character names

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