Screen Composer

Sviluppatore: Heng Jia Liang
Categoria: Intrattenimento
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Screen Composer is Text Slide Show App that support multiple devices.

Can be use in Welcome Ceremony, Birthday Party, S.O.S screen signal, Presentation, Wedding or any appropriate function.
Work great with multiple iOS devices.

• Able to Set Custom Background Color.
• Able to Set Custom Text Color.
• Able to Set Text.
• Able to Set Slide Time duration in second.
• Able to add, copy, paste slide setting for faster operation.
• Able to delete slide.
• Save compose screen data to Files app.

• Can set custom font.
• Can set Fade Transition or Direct Transition between slide.
• Can set repeat slide after finish.

Slide Show:
• Slide show work on both Landscape and Portrait mode.

• Font size adjust automatically depend on the character length, single character show bigger on screen while multi characters show smaller font on screen.
• Compose screen data is saved to internal storage and available for external reach [access files via iTunes or Files App].
• You can share/receive compose screen data to/from other device via Airdrop.
• After editing, save the compose screen data with original name will replace original file. Save it into new name will create a new compose screen data.

Quick Start:
- Go to library and create new file.
- Type in "Good Morning" and a new compose screen data was create.
- Tap on "Good Morning" and will lead to main view.
- Tap on each individual box to edit text, text color, background color and slide duration.
- Back to main view, tap on play button to start the slide show.
- Tap on top left corner to stop the slide show and back to main view.

Thanks for your support and do visit for more apps for your iOS devices.

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