ALG Math Solver

App Name (Nome App): ALG Math Solver
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): ALG Software Lab
App Category (Categoria): Istruzione
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

The app is intended for students and engineers and anyone who uses mathematical calculations in their studies or work.
The application contains more than 100 calculators for solving various problems in linear algebra, matrix calculations, analytical geometry, elementary geometry, systems of linear equations, quadratic equations and much more. Each calculator contains a small theory on a specific task.
The program, using the necessary formulas, will perform step-by-step calculations and display a detailed solution.
This app also includes a random number generator to quickly create sample expressions with random numbers.
The application performs the following operations:
Matrix operations, Determinants
Matrix addition
Matrix subtraction
Matrix multiplication
Matrix multiplication by scalar
Matrix transpose
Matrix square
Determinant: Sarrus method
Determinant: Laplace method
Invertible matrix
Vector Calculus
Vector Length
Vector coordinates by two points
Vectors addition
Vectors subtraction
Scalar and vector multiplication
Scalar product of vectors
Cross product of vectors
Mixed triple product
Angle between two vectors
Projection of a vector onto another vector
Direction cosines
Collinear vectors
Orthogonal vectors
Coplanar vectors
Area of triangle formed by vectors
Area of a parallelogram formed by vectors
Volume of pyramid formed by vectors
Volume of a parallelepiped formed by vectors
Analytic geometry, 2D
General equation of a straight line
Slope equation of a straight line
Line equation in segments
Polar parameters of the line
Relationship between line and point
Distance between two points
Dividing a segment in half
Dividing a segment in a given ratio
Triangle area
Condition under which three points lie on the same line
Condition of parallel lines
Two lines are perpendicular
Angle between two lines
Bunch of lines
Relationship between a line and a pair of points
Point to line distance
Analytic geometry, 3D:
Equation of a plane
Condition for parallel planes
Condition for perpendicular planes
Angle between two planes
Segments on axes
Equation of a plane in segments
Relationship between a plane and a pair of points
Point to plane distance
Polar parameters of the plane
Normal Equation of a Plane
Reducing the plane equation to normal form
Equations of a line in space
Canonical equation of a straight line
Parametric equations of a straight line
Direction vectors
Angles between line and coordinate axes
Angle between two lines
Angle between line and plane
Condition of parallel line and plane
Condition of perpendicularity of a line and a plane
Elementary Geometry, plane:
Triangle area
Median of triangle
Triangle height
Pythagorean theorem
Radius of a circle circumscribing a triangle
Radius of a circle inscribed in a triangle
Area of a parallelogram
Area of a rectangle
Square area
Trapezoid area
Rhombus area
Circle area
Sector area
Length of the arc of a circle
Elementary Geometry, space:
Parallelepiped volume
Cuboid volume
Cube volume
Pyramid lateral surface area
Pyramid total surface area
Pyramid volume
Truncated pyramid lateral surface area
Truncated pyramid total surface area
Truncated pyramid volume
Cylinder lateral surface area
Cylinder total area
Cylinder volume
Cone lateral surface area
Cone total surface area
Cone volume
Sphere surface area
Sphere volume
System of linear equations:
Substitution method
Cramer's method
Invertible matrix method
Quadratic Equations
Biquadratic Equations
Arithmetic progression, sum of the first n members
Arithmetic progression, finding n-th term
Geometric progression, sum
Geometric progression, finding n-th term
Greatest Common Divisor
Least Common Multiple
The application is being actively developed and supplemented with new calculators. Keep for updates!

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