AllviA Oxford Discover Futures

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This app enables students to access their Allviaedu Oxford Discover Futures in class.
Oxford Discover Futures is an English language learning program designed to help students shape their futures with an inquiry-based approach and a focus on 21st Century Skills.
Empowered by Visang Education's AllviA platform, Allviaedu Oxford Discover Futures creates engaging interactive classroom environments for students based on various digital activities and content. It boosts students' class participation and help them exchange their thoughts and opinions easily which inspire them to think critically about the world around them. (This application is designed to support only tablet PC.)

∙ Inquiry-based methodology to help students equip with 21st Century Skills
∙ Integrated videos to lead into discussion and debate
∙ Language in use lessons and skills strategies to improve fluency and all four skills
∙ Well organized and interactive lessons to encourage students to remain focused
∙ Maximizes the impact of learning with materials that are seamlessly linked to digital content
∙ Enables students to share their ideas with peers and teachers using digital devices
∙ Experience of classroom learning from anywhere without restriction

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