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A fab reviewer for modern millennials!

Ready to digitize your way of learning?
Auxesis Review Center gives you the ARC App:a fun-filled application with modern functionalities that can make your review productivity like never before. Register with your Google or Facebook account, and receive your unique 7-digit code from us to start the fun!

ARC App functionalities:
*Category Quiz - contains thousands of researched board exam relevant questions, where you can play and learn whenever and wherever you go
*Battle Quiz - fancy a game with your friends in ARC? battle your wits out as you compete with hundreds of reviewees! Score and be on top of the leaderboards!
*Reviewers - digitized lecture notes developed in-house with regularly updated contents
*Lecture videos - can't go to ARC for a day? Have a worry-free review by browsing our pre-recorded lecture videos and related content, maximizing your comprehension on the topic at hand
*Brain Blast - tired of manila paper-style wallpapers for formulas you want to stick in your brain? here we have included every possible formula for the boards, just an easy swipe to the right like Tinder to see those sexy formulas!
*Chat Room - get updated on what's the buzz at ARC from your fellow reviewers
*Forum - got a question that buggers you? Post it in the forum and let other members help you

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