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Are you a technical professional? Certif-ID Discovery is an online learning and experience network - with 1000s of technical and soft skills courses available to our members. Join our community and enroll in our many industry curated courses on Construction, Health & Safety, Automotive and Nursing. Improve your skills, enhance your CV and get certificates and recognition for the courses that you have completed. Join our many competitions and gain badges for meeting your goals!

Industry experts, curate your experience and help you to discover new career paths and job opportunities.

Learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace!

Access a wealth of relevant information such as articles, videos, and podcasts all tailored to your specific skills and learning needs.

Ask both fellow students and dedicated experts questions and get quick and professional feedback.

Download the app, create an account and take charge of your career journey.

Certif-ID helps you to achieve more in an increasingly digital world. Certif-ID Discovery has handpicked the world’s best content on employability skills, with a focus on digital literacy, interviewing techniques, agility, entrepreneurship, leadership and more. Find out how to take your practical skills to the next level and be at your best when applying for your dream job.

With an increasing focus on electric vehicles, Certif-ID Discovery brings you a host of market leading content, focused on this new technology. Learn to work with Electricity, Electric Engines, Hybrid Engines and much more, all while ensuring Health & Safety.

Construction and infrastructure development are still a key industry driver around the world. Certif-ID Discovery guides you through new technologies, techniques and best practices to help you fine tune your skills and be more competitive at work. Combine these skills with employability best practices to land your dream job.

Nurses are in high demand around the world, and it is essential to know the latest industry trends, and requirements to build your career, and look for employment opportunities around the world. Certif-ID Discovery can help you navigate this complex industry and learn the skills and competencies for the nurses of tomorrow.

Download the App today to get unlimited access to Certif-ID Discovery and make your next career move.

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