Common Core math, 8.2

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This app has three full-length (25 questions each) math tests that are modeled on actual Common Core test questions that have been published by State Departments of Education. But it does more than just get students used to taking a test on a computer: it aims to fill in skill gaps and teach them how to answer similar questions on the real test.

After the student answers a question, s/he is given immediate feedback as to what the correct answer is and is then given access to read a 1 to 8 page detailed, colorful explanation that assumes minimum prior knowledge of the key concepts.

Each question is tracked as being correct, incorrect or unanswered by changing the button’s color so the student may ensure s/he completes the test and can review difficult questions again. If the educator wishes, the student’s results can be printed showing her/his name, date, time, the test version, the concept for each question and whether the student answered it correctly, incorrectly or did not answer it. Such a report may be helpful when generating an individualized lesson plan, and to monitor progress if subsequent test versions are used.

The app is designed to be safe for children. The app does not connect to any websites so it can be used off-line. There are no in-app purchases, subscriptions or 3rd party advertisements. The app is fully functional and never expires. The app does not collect or send us any info and when turned off it does not save any data.

When the student returns to the main menu, all the answers are reset to unanswered. That way, the test may be administered to different students or even to the same student(s) after a prolonged break.

If the adult permits, the student may turn on an option to get a quick break in the form of fun photos from nature if a question's explanation is short. This may also encourage the student to check the explanations for all questions just to see if there is a fun photo there, and hopefully read the full explanations too. After each correct answer the student gets lots of smiling emojis and, if the adult permits, at the end of the test a celebration screen with animated balloons and music.

This is one of many products we've made that we hope will make learning fun.

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