CPR Add-on Kit Remote

Sviluppatore: I.M.LAB inc
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Introducing CPR add-on kit apps, the CPR feedback application, for better CPR training. CPR AoK(add-on kit) apps support a cognitive, concise, and high-quality CPR training experience.

CPR AoK Instructor helps teachers easily monitor students' CPR performance. Teachers can guide students through comprehensive feedback on the student's individual Compression, Breath, and CPR flows. You can use up to six manikins with the HeartiSense Add-on Kit installed in one AoK Instructor app. This app includes visual/auditory real-time feedback on compression (rate, depth, recoil), breath (volume), and hands-off time. It also provides a handy feature for managing student results.

CPR AoK apps are for Instrumented Directive Feedback Device (IDFD) that meets the requirements of the latest updated AHA guidelines.

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