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Edumaa is an e-learning platform which caters to the needs of new moms and special needs children. It offers live and recorded sessions which the users can avail as well as free blogs and short videos to help the parents and build trust with the app.

The course will be taken by experienced experts in their fields who understand the users and their needs. The contents will also be structured and developed in a way so that it imparts maximum knowledge and builds confidence.

With this app, we wish to create a non-competitive, warm and safe environment for our learners which is motivating, positive and reassuring in nature. The goal is to create a welcoming environment which makes the user want to come back repetitively.

The users will have two-year access to paid content, which they can watch or read anytime, anywhere. Before making a purchase, they will have the option of going through the curriculum list as well as a preview of the course.

Initially, the app is going to be launched in India and then it will grow overseas. And catering to new moms and special needs kids is the first step. And when it grows, we will diversify to incorporate other topics which people need help with.

But in its heart, Edumaa, like a mother, is the knowledge giver.

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