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Engageli is a collaborative, secure, video-based teaching platform, purpose-built for use in higher education.
Engageli is designed for active and collaborative learning, including functionality to support virtual group work
and learner participation, while also accommodating blended classes, with learners online and in the physical
classroom. With Engageli, you can join your
Based on active learning principles, one of Engageliʼs most unique features is its large classroom concept, with
learners clustered together in smaller groups at virtual tables. You can be assigned to a table by your instructor
or self-select one to join. While seated at a table, you can talk to your tablemates about the class lecture, group
project, homework assignment, etc.
In the mobile app, you can:
●Participate in class by raising your hand and contributing to the conversation, sharing your screen, or
answering poll and quiz questions
●Access your class on the go; view your instructorsʼ video feed(s) and screen share
●Talk to your tablemates without interfering with the class
●Send text messages to your classmates or instructors
●Change your table during the class
Engageli is designed to protect your privacy. Your video and audio will not be recorded, so you can feel
comfortable participating in class without worrying about the video being shared on social media or among your
peers. But, you will need to provide access to your camera and microphone to allow your classmates to see and
hear you in the class.
Please note you can only access an Engageli classroom with authenticated credentials, provided by your
instructor / institution.
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