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Sviluppatore: Vinicius Carvalho
Categoria: Istruzione
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Europe Learners` Super App was developed to provide you and your team a complete integration experience of the most diverse learning channels and our digital solutions portfolio. Here you will learn a little more about the company and our products. From e-learning to Augmented Reality; from Gamification to Follow Me and everything about the team of professionals who works at all stages of development of the most advanced way of learning. Take a few minutes and see what Europe Learners can do for you and your team, enabling them to always maintain the highest performance level!

Through our app you can:
- Access and explore various contents provided by our team.
- Read this content without the Internet.
- Save the page you stopped reading to resume later.
- Collect content.
- Search the contents of your collection.
- Share with anyone who wants public content through their networks and also via QR Code.
- Capture new content using QR Code and short links (
- Create your virtual business card
- Share your business card via QR Code
- Capture content of the type Achievement and consult your achievements in My Contact.
- Access content channels and capture them to incorporate into your collection.
- Access content published near you and recommended in Explore.

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