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Grammar is an integral & key part of our writing process. It is important to fix grammar mistakes whether we are writing any academic content or professional content. Grammatical errors are often seen as unprofessional and less attractive. A simple punctuation, spelling, or word mistake can completely alter the meaning of the sentence. There are a few grammar checkers and corrector apps but nobody beats our AI Grammar Checker for English.

You are an amateur writer if there are grammatical errors in your content. It is a time-consuming task to check grammar in sentences and fix them manually. So, it becomes a need for everyone to use an AI grammar checker and corrector. You will find a lot of grammar-checking tools out there, but they may not be that helpful.
This free grammar and spell check app is a great tool for content writers. Take the time to read this introduction to our AI-based advanced grammar checker app to understand more.
Features of grammar checker & corrector app
Our free English grammar checker app aims to correct all grammatical mistakes made in your writing. Our online spell and grammar check app does not just check for spelling or punctuation mistakes but also looks for spelling mistakes, and punctuation mistakes and even provides you with suggestions to ensure that your grammar is correct. Following are some unique features of our AI-based grammar checker app;
Check for grammar and tenses
The free spell check app detects grammatical errors including wrong or unclear sentences. It also checks if the voice and flow of the sentence are correct or not. It detects punctuation, correct verbs, correct use of adverbs, and every little detail related to grammar.
Improves content clarity
The free grammar checker and corrector also scan the content and give suggestions to improve sentence clarity. It suggests alternative words and sentences that would improve the readability and clarity of the content. It also makes the content more engaging for the reader.
You can paste or drop files
If you have large content files to scan such as a research paper, thesis, or any large content that cannot be pasted, then you may select a file from your device and scan it in the free grammar checker.
Unlimited words
Our advanced grammar checker aims to be a blessing for writers so it has no word count and you may scan as many files as you want for grammatical corrections. This app is free to use and has no word limit, so anyone can use it without hesitation.
Steps to use the free grammar check app
Anyone can scan lots of data on the grammar checker and corrector app by following three simple steps;
Download the app from the App Store.
Run the app and paste the content into the inbox.
Press the “check grammar” button and it will highlight all the errors.
Correct all the errors present in the content.
Why use the grammar & spelling checker app?
Grammar & spelling are important and it is common thing to make mistakes while writing. Meanwhile, when you are writing professionally, it is crucial to check your English grammar. This punctuation and grammar check allows you to check grammar mistakes in sentences and make your content more appealing and engaging.

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