Times Table Hero

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Are you a MASTER at the "Thumping 3's"? How about a HERO at the "Nasty 9's"?

Welcome to Times Table Hero - a unique and fun multiplication game which involves swiping a deck of 30 multiplication cards left or right depending on the answer.

If the answer is correct, swipe right.
If the answer is incorrect, swipe left.

That's it! No multiple choice answers and no keyboard to enter your answer.

Correctly swipe a deck of 30 cards in 30 seconds or less to earn a HERO ranking.

If you swipe incorrectly 4 times within a game, it's game over.

To help kids learn and have fun, a ranking system is introduced. A rank is determined by how fast a deck is cleared. The highest rank achievable is a "HERO" rank.

With over 90 achievements to unlock, tools to help identify weaknesses, unique game mechanics, a fun ranking system and leaderboards to promote competition, discover how Times Table Hero can help your child learn their times tables and kick start their mathematical foundation.


◉ "Practise mode" and "Target practise mode" offers the ability to customize cards that appear in the deck to help focus on weaknesses.

◉ The "Incorrect swipes" screen shows a count of incorrect swipes for each times table to help identify weaknesses.

◉ Create a deck of multiplication cards with the highest incorrect swipe counts.

◉ Incorrectly swiped cards are presented in the deck in subsequent games to help learn what the correct answers should be.

◉ Add multiple players to encourage healthy competition between friends, classmates and family

◉ Introduction of a fun ranking system to help become a HERO

◉ A "Ranking summary" screen shows how far away a player is from reaching a HERO ranking

◉ View a summary of player rankings for ALL the times table in one screen

◉ View local leaderboards for each times table.

◉ Game Center integration with 30+ leaderboards and 90+ achievements

◉ Look up cards allow for quick revision before a game

◉ Create deck sizes of 30, 50, 75 or 100 cards

◉ Each player has their own set of 90+ achievements

◉ Multi language support

◉ Unique soundtrack

◉ No ads


◉ Tap the game over card to see the incorrect swipes and their correct answer

◉ Shake the phone to see a quick summary of ranking and achievement scores

◉ Tap the top card of the deck to quickly view the leaderboard.

◉ Change the multiplication card layout in settings

◉ Join the official "Times Table Hero Club" by completing level 1 & 2 achievements


HERO (clear a deck in 30 seconds and under)
MASTER (under 35 seconds)
LEGEND (under 43 seconds)
STAR (under 50 seconds)
ELITE (under 65 seconds)
EXPERT (under 80 seconds)
WHIZ (under 95 seconds)
PRO (under 105 seconds)
HOTSHOT (under 115 seconds)
ROOKIE (120 seconds and under)


Terrific 2's - 2 times table
Thumping 3's - 3 times table
Freaky 4's - 4 times table
Fancy 5's - 5 times table
Super 6's - 6 times table
Sleeky 7's - 7 times table
Electric 8's - 8 times table
Nasty 9's - 9 times table
Tidy 10's - 10 times table
Easy 11's - 11 times table
Tenacious 12's - 12 times table
MAD 30 - 30 cards of mixed times tables in a deck
MAD 50 - 50 cards of mixed times tables in a deck
MAD 75 - 75 cards of mixed times tables in a deck
MAD 100 - 100 cards of mixed times tables in a deck

Good luck, have fun, and we hope to see you in the "Times Table Hero Club" one day...

Instagram: @timestablehero
Email: hello@timestablehero.com


We hold your privacy and the privacy of your child to the highest regard and do not collect or share any personal information.

Times Table Hero has no in-app purchases or third party advertising.

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