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All your medical needs in one place
• An integrated E-Hospital is at your service from the comfort of your home. Our services include medical
consultations, Lab tests, and many more.
• Almostaqbal with you anytime & anywhere - Consult a doctor at the time of your convenience and from
anywhere, without the need to wait in hospitals more than 24 different medical clinics.
• ALmostaqbal E-Hospital provides you with access to health services in various specialties .
• Choose a doctor from hundreds of top doctors in almostaqbal, Specialists and consultants. You can
review their experiences and qualifications before booking an appointment.
• Almostaqbal is your favorite medical application that cares about your health and the health of your
• Almostaqbal providers you with telemedicine services, As well as home medical care. Through
almostaqbal, you can consult top doctors and consultants via video call in Almostaqbal medical
• Your electronic medical record - Almostaqbal helps you maintain you medial file electronically, with the
ability to easily upload your previous medical reports.
• Check on your Health and the health of your family - You can add your family members in your account
and enable them to benefit from Almostaqbal medical services.
• Best service for best health - After using Almostaqbal medical services, You can evaluate the doctor,
and write your comments about the service, and rest assured that we at Almostaqbal work hard to
offer first- class medical services.
• Get your prescriptions and medical reports easily - You can easily get your medical prescriptions,
approved medical reports, and/or sick leaves when needed through Almostaqbal APP.
• Health practitioners for home medicine services in the application are all licensed and approved by the
Ministry of Health and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and their information and certificates are included in the application system, and they are committed to all health and precautionary measures and are trained to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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