Sviluppatore: Rodenstock GmbH
Categoria: Medicina
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CNXT® smart - The service that connects it all.
Thanks to CNXT® smart, all your Rodenstock measuring devices (DNEye® Scanner 2 / 2+, ImpressionIST® 4, Rodenstock Fundus Scanner) as well as your software (industry software, Rodenstock Consulting or WinFit Reference®) are fully connected.

The transfer of the measurement data takes place automatically and in real time. The customer data relevant for analysis, evaluation and lens consulting are therefore immediately synchronized on all devices and available at any time. The highest security standards, such as absolute data security and data availability, even if the Internet connection is interrupted, are always of course ensured.

By synchronizing measurement and customer data, you benefit especially from time savings, reduction of typing errors and availability of your measurement data on all end devices.

With CNXT® smart you can only win - above all, more time for your customers.

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