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Several million Haitians do not have access to quality medical care. Health care represents the 2nd largest expense of Haitian households supported by the diaspora. The inaccessibility of the population to qualified doctors is glaring to support the need. The cost of a consultation is not affordable for the majority of patients. The health system is not digitalized and lacks efficiency. The basic infrastructure, such as internet, electricity, roads are not up to standard.

DOKPAM is an application that facilitates access to quality and affordable health care for patients living in Haiti by connecting the financing of health care by family members of the Haitian diaspora in the international with qualified Haitian and foreign health professionals operating in Haiti. This professional development opportunity will first be offered to private medical personnel in Haiti in order to strengthen this sector. It will then open up to private non-profit institutions and other organized groups to eventually expand to the entire Caribbean.

Dokpam through its application and interventions will: contribute to improve access to qualified health care providers for all scholarships at all times, provide physicians with a technological tool to increase their patient cohort, allow patients and health care providers to reach each other quickly and finally provide the diaspora with a simple tool to support their loved ones and ensure access to quality consultations when visiting the country.

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