Airport Live Cams

Sviluppatore: Eloy Marin
Categoria: Meteorologia
Prezzo: Gratis

Live stream videos in different places of Airports around the world!

The cameras are recording live 24 hours a day and good quality!

You can observe the Weather and the Plane take off!

You can get rid of anything that happens in the flight-business!

Airliner cameras!

*Disclaimer :
The developer publishes this app in good faith, but users assume all risk.
Developer has no liability and provides no guarantees.
None of the cameras are hosted on the app.
All cameras and their content are copyrights of their owners.
These cameras are not endorsed by any of their owners, and the cameras are used purely and only for helping purposes.
No copyright violation & infringement are intended, and any request to remove any of the cameras will be honored.
If any camera provider want us to remove provided cameras please contact us to remove those cameras.
Because we do not own and control cameras we can not guaranteed that cameras works well all the time and that provide fresh and adequate image of the point of interest.
Despite our efforts, it may occur that the content of the app is incomplete, outdated and/or incorrect.
Therefore the content of the app is provided to you without any form of guarantee or liability on its accuracy.
We are not liable for any damage or other harmful consequences by the use of (information on) this app.
If you undertake any action based on (the information of) this app, such action is undertaken at your own risk.

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