Caelum | Beautiful Weather

Sviluppatore: Tanzil Zubair Bin Zaman
Categoria: Meteorologia
Prezzo: Gratis

Meet Caelum. The most beautiful, functional, and privacy conscious weather app out there. Period.

Built from the ground up to be intuitive, responsive and beautiful, Caelum intertwines them all into every last button.

With up to date, reliable and industry-leading weather forecasts for any location in the world, Caelum is packed with both powerful features and charming touches, including:
- Detailed forecasts for the current weather
- Hour by hour forecasts for the next 24 hours
- Daily forecasts for the next week
- Weather forecasts for any location in the world, with lightning fast auto-complete
- Trivia and easter eggs!!
- Personalization settings to tweak every aspect of Caelum
- Enough choices for units to cover every measurement system out there, and then some
- Much, much more!!!

Smooth as water | Fast as the wind
Caelum is more than just a pretty face though; with a custom and wicked fast query and response parsing engine, globally distributed and load-balanced servers, buttery smooth animations and responsive controls, Caelum pulls no punches when it comes to speed and performance either.

Download for free today, and enjoy a gorgeous, handcrafted experience, unlike any other!

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