AI Maid Help

Sviluppatore: IPG Immobilienprojekt GmbH
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AI Maid Help is the most advanced Tasks’ and Communication management application interfacing Housekeeping, Maintenance & Repair and Front of the House / Guest’s Services.

AI stays for Artificial Intelligence as in image recognition and we implemented this technology in the room’s cleaning process. The Room Attendant self-assess its performance with the AI scoring and visual feedback before a room is marked “Clean to be inspected”. The very same AI scoring and visual is available on the assigned supervisor mobile app to evaluate if a live inspection for the room is needed or should it be marked as “Clean” straight away.

AI Maid Help is the first HospTech application using AI technology to support the streamlining of the operational processes in Housekeeping, enhancing the performance of your team members.

The AI feature is also ideal to support Housekeeping staff training during their onboarding and it sure helps to sensitively reduce time consuming live room inspections. Readily available online SOPs, fully customizable to your brand guidelines, are supplied on each mobile device and mobile app.

AI Maid Help provide property owners/operators with a multilingual all-in-one tool that not only seamlessly organizes the operational workflow and keep tracks of tasks but also ensures a flawless collaboration between team members.

This app has been developed by hospitality industry professionals, envisaging its use for contactless hospitality business models, for hybrid and alternative accommodation concepts and for remote property management.

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