BTECH GMRS Programmer

Sviluppatore: B-Tech Distribution, Inc
Categoria: Produttività
Prezzo: Gratis

The GMRS-Programmer app is used in conjunction with a BTECH GMRS-PRO radio. With the BTECH GMRS Programmer app, you can control your radio by bluetooth. Manage your channels and groups, create group lists to share with others, and edit your radio's settings right from your phone.

The GMRS-Programmer App will also alert the user to GMRS-PRO updates to update the radio from the application.

You can download maps for when you are not close to a cellular tower. Send text messages with other GMRS-PRO user. You can choose to share your location with other GMRS-PRO users in the area or request their location in times of emergency.

The GMRS Programmer app is the perfect companion for the GMRS-PRO radio.

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