Sviluppatore: The Ucan Group
Categoria: Produttività
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CampusPlus is a continuous talent development platform that helps you drive your development; provides you with access to the knowledge you need to perform at your best; and create learning connections.

This is delivered using the following methods:

1) Learning Experiences: CampusPlus brings together the best of new-age learning experiences like micro-learning and MOOC-based learning, in a single, unified platform; providing integrated analytics across all of them.

2) Learning Communities: CampusPlus will engage you through social learning tools like chat and knowledge forums, which helps you to stay connected, and which also act as channels for intelligent and relevant learning recommendations.

3) Grow the business through you: CampusPlus gives team leaders access to data and analytics of the learning progress and performance of their team; which are then correlated with business performance (through integration with business systems). Further, through the engagement tools, team leaders can provide agile, short bursts of feedback; to enable regular improvement of performance on the job and in the moment.

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