Chore It

Sviluppatore: Thomas Boyd
Categoria: Produttività
Prezzo: Gratis

Why use Chore it?
The app was initially designed for apartments/flats, instead of using a check list to keep track of who has completed chores, chore it manages the entire process.

How does it work?
- 1 person creates the flat and whitelists emails of the other flatmates
- Add all the chores you want and assign them flatmates
- When a chore needs completing, select the chore and press 'Schedule',
- The next flatmate is assigned the chore and they will receive a notification
- Additional notifications will be sent as per a 'Reminder' time configured on the chore until completion

What features exist?
- Toggle if you are in the flat or not, if you are not then you will not be assigned any chores
- Admin permission lets you set which users can manage the app
- Action Log lets you view a list of recent actions made on the app
- The app is completely free

The app has been created by a single developer, if you find any bugs or want to request features, please contact

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