Clan of the American Eagle

Sviluppatore: ClubExpress
Categoria: Produttività
Prezzo: € 2,29

The Clan of the American Eagle mobile app provides special features for this organization. Clan of the American Eagle members can download the app and use it to chat with other members, meet other members using location services, register for events, view a membership directory, and participate in polls. This app is not intended for public use, and is specifically designed for members of the Clan of the American Eagle only.

The mobile app is built around "channels", which can be created in multiple ways based on other modules and features within Clan of the American Eagle, including, for example, member interest groups, committees, and chapters, districts, or regions.

The app also provides full access to Clan of the American Eagle website, the member profile, payment screen, and other functions.

This app does not directly access any paid content or services, but users are required to have a membership and valid login.

This application provides access to the membership directory, chat feature, member calendar events, polls and surveys, membership card, and website content.

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