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Convenient operation: You can set to-do items with one swipe. Touch the slider on the hour or minute hand, not only drag the pointer clockwise to rotate to the end of the to-do item, at the same time you can drag the slider or slide along the pointer to change the category of the to-do item (work, sports, rest, study, leisure) ).
Eye-catching and intuitive: On the dial, the most recent ongoing and completed affairs are displayed by a ribbon. The end time of the ongoing business and the recent alarm clock will also be displayed on the edge of the dial with icons, and the reminder function can be turned on or off by touching the icons.

To-do list management: you can quickly create new and classified management to-do lists. And in the corresponding to-do category, you can add text memo records, count the time through the calendar, and query the to-do and memo records.
Alarm clock management: The alarm clock can correspond to colors, descriptions, sound effects, and weekly repeat functions.
Desktop clock component: It can configure the style of the clock component and display time information.

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