Sviluppatore: Thiago Anderson Martins
Categoria: Produttività
Prezzo: Gratis

Hashrate is the perfect app for every miner. You can check all of your mining rigs at the same time. Hashrate is the only app with multi-pool support and Widgets.

Widgets are awesome! With Hashrate you can add all of your miners to your home-screen and check them without the need of opening the app or unlocking your device. They look gorgeous in Dark Mode by the way!

Hashrate currently supports the following Pools:
* Ethermine
* Flexpool
* MineXMR

... And the following Coins:
* Ethereum
* Monero
* Chia

Hashrate is not a wallet app. It doesn't store or use any private keys, and it's not possible to make transactions or receive crypto in it. All this app does is display data obtained from the supported pools websites.

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