Primalist – a Short List

Sviluppatore: Tushar Chhabra
Categoria: Produttività
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Primalist is a to-do list app that helps you focus on the most important things you want to do in the day.


1. Your list always stays short.
Primalist only holds up to 7 tasks at a time.
Once you reach the limit, you must complete or delete a previous task to add a new one. So the list always stays short, and never becomes overwhelming.

2. It helps you prioritize your day.
A limited list encourages you to ask the question: "What are the things that truly matter to my day?", because only the things that matter most make it into the list.

3. It's super quick and simple to use.
From adding a new task, to setting a timer or reminder, to marking a task as complete: everything has been carefully designed to be quick and smooth, so that you can be in and out of the app in seconds.

- Take time to think and enter up to 7 things that are most important to your day,
- try to complete them in the time you have,
- you can add more tasks only if you complete or delete existing tasks, and
- repeat this process daily - to develop a strong awareness of the things that really matter to you.

- Control how many tasks you want at one time (from just one up to seven)
- Optional daily prompt to develop a habit of noting down goals
- Short-term Reminders with Snooze options
- Timers for tasks, with a quick and easy interface
- iCloud sync to get your list on both your iPhone and iPad
- Today Widget for quick access to your entries
- Give a unique name to your list
- Face ID / Touch ID unlock
- Themes and alternate app icons to add color and personality (optional in-app purchase)

All the functionality in Primalist is yours forever once you install it. If you ever feel the need to refresh the look of the list, you can purchase some nice themes and app icons within the app. 

Feedback is always welcome, and you can send it right from the app! Thank you for considering Primalist!

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