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The Activ8 Fitness App brings you the power of connectivity to maximise your workouts, take your fitness to the next level and get the most out of your Activ8 membership.
With the Activ8 Fitness App you can access hundreds of live and on demand workouts, receive tailored workout plans, book your favourite fitness classes and track all your workouts in and out of the club. Work smarter, not harder and achieve your health and wellbeing goals with Activ8 Health and Fitness.
Connect your fitness tracker to the Activ8 Fitness App to automatically collect MOVEs or record them manually to measure your workouts and take part in challenges.
MOVEs measure movement and every movement you do generate MOVEs. MOVEs scores are independent of body weight and are the best way to compare your activity levels with friends and other members. Take part in Activ8 Fitness challenges or challenge your friends and family using the Activ8 Fitness App.
The Activ8 Fitness App is compatible with all of your favourite fitness trackers including Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava, Swimtag and Withings. Once connected, the Activ8 Fitness App will track all your MOVEs inside and outside of the gym. Don’t have a fitness tracker? Don’t worry, you can log all of your gym workouts directly using the app and the machines in each of our facilities.
- TRAINING: Get your personalised and complete training programme including strength, cardio and fitness class workouts through the Activ8 Fitness App. Train smart and track workouts easily by scanning QR codes on all Technogym equipment.

- VIRTUAL COACH: Access instructional videos on how to use exercise equipment, easily choose the workout you want to do and track all of our workouts easily to train smart and constantly improve your fitness through the MY MOVEMENT page.

- VIEW & BOOK CLASSES: Easily view and book fitness classes through the Activ8 Fitness App.

- FACILITY CONENTS: Within the FACILITY AREA of the app, discover all of the programmes, fitness classes and challenges that your facility promotes.

- BODY MEASUREMENTS: Easily keep track of your body measurements in one place using the Activ8 Fitness App and see your progress as it happens.

- MOTIVATION: The Activ8 Fitness App gives you a weekly goal of activities to complete based on your lifestyle to help you motivate to keep active.

- OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Keep track of your outdoor activities directly via the Activ8 Fitness App manually or automatically by syncing your favourite fitness trackers.

- START YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY INSTANTLY: Become an Activ8 Health & Fitness member online and start your fitness journey instantly by gaining instant access to the Activ8 Fitness App.

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