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Feel Younger From The Inside Out.
The Barboza Method is a full-body routine done without any equipment. Using only your body weight and gravity to naturally reshape and realign your body's posture. Get back the feeling of being young. Improve Your: flexibility, mobility, energy, strength, alignment, posture, body awareness, & balance. It’s just you, me, and a mat.

This method was created to help one 60 year old woman’s need, not desire, to exercise. Because her life depended on change. When we met, her health was failing due to multiple health issues; hyperparathyroidism and dialysis within the year. Simple tasks of going to the grocery store or picking up her granddaughter from dance school seemed almost impossible depending on her body that day. So I created a workout around this woman’s abilities. I decided to start and stay on the floor.
This way I was able to conserve her energy and use it where I needed it and completely took away the risk of falling. Utilizing the floor as a map for proper alignment we were able to heal some old injuries and correct her posture. Within a year her she got healthier, regained mobility and became strong enough to travel again. Now she no longer faces dialysis. Grocery shopping and picking up her granddaughter from dance class is just another errand on her list of things to do. I realized that my full body workout no Impact workout could benefit more than just this woman. I started to teach group classes and take on more private clients. My workout is challenging for an experienced athlete, while still safe for someone with old injuries and health problems. This method was made to help one and now shared to help many.

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