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Sviluppatore: BlueCrest Recovery Center
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Share updates, ask questions, support others, and stay connected with others throughout your recovery. This community is a tool to help you in recovery and receive support when you need it the most.

Connect with:

* Peers and coaches to share updates, ask questions, and offer support.
* Your recovery program to receive inspirations, updates for onsite events, and ways to be involved.

Key Features:
* Real-time posts: This private group allows you to stay connected to fellow alumni in real-time.
* Daily inspirations help to center your thoughts and actions.
* Recovery Content: Explore videos, podcasts, and articles to help you as progress in your recovery.
* Discussions are a way for you to share your voice and inspire others on recovery topics.
* Join virtual events directly from the app
* Privacy: You control what information you share. For clients of BlueCrest, you will be added to a private group consisting of peers.

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