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Exercise and meal plan programs specially designed for women before, during and after menopause

Lose stubborn body fat over the age of 40 and around menopause.

See changes in six weeks using this proven step by step program.

Strength training and HIIT workouts are specifically designed for women over 40.

Reach your goals with hormone balancing, high protein diet and meal plans to suit all tastes with vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options.

Fitness programs can be done from home or at the gym, that will reduce body fat, increase muscle.

From award-winning 54-year-old Pro Bikini competitor, Melissa Neill, winner of 2 Fitness Model Over 45 awards in 2021. As featured on national TV in the USA.

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Basic: Learn how to strength train for fat loss over 40

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Basic(Free): Learn how to strength train for fat loss over 40

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