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Build Habits Slowly is a habit tracker that empowers you to take control of your habits.


Why track your habits?

The author of "Atomic Habits," summarizes the benefits of a habit tracker as follows:

1. "It creates a visual cue that can remind you to act."
2. "It is motivating to see the progress you are making. You don’t want to break your streak."
3. "It feels satisfying to record your success in the moment."

This is an excerpt from the article, I recommend reading the article if you are interested in habit formation (Build Habits Slowly is not affiliated with Atomic Habits or James Clear, I just found this article informative).


What sets Build Habits Slowly apart from other habit trackers?

I created BHS because there were two things that bugged me about using other habit trackers:

1. Losing my momentum at the start of a new month

Most habit trackers display your progress on a monthly calendar page. I found that when I started a new month it was harder for me to continue a habit, because the new month no longer showed all of my habit completion days from the previous month. I had lost a visual indicator of my momentum.

Build Habits Slowly solves this problem by displaying your habit progress in a scrolling calendar "feed." When a new month starts, you still see the days in the previous month(s). So, you never lose the visual sense of momentum as you check off your habits.

2. Streaks breaking after one missed day

Most habit trackers break your habit streak after you miss one day. I found this frustrating, because it's normal to miss a day here or there; life gets in the way of your habits. When I was trying to build a new habit and inevitably missed a day, my streak would break and halt my momentum. This felt demoralizing, because I was setting unreasonable expectations for myself.

Build Habits Slowly solves this problem by giving you the power to decide how many "slip days" you want to give yourself before your streak breaks. For daily habits, I've found that one slip day is perfect for me. This gives me enough flexibility to miss a day, but keeps me motivated to not miss two days in a row.


Admittedly, these two problems are pretty small, but they were enough to drive me to create my own habit tracker app. I hope you find Build Habits Slowly as helpful as I have!

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