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Breathing is the foundation of a healthy and long life. An average person breathes 20’000 times a day, inhaling and exhaling 11’000 liters of air per day. Our lungs are the biggest waste removal engine in the body, accounting for the removal of 70% of body waste in the form of carbon dioxide in the air we exhale.

Breathing is also one of the simplest, yet most powerful tools to improve physical and mental health. Breathing training helps to reduce stress, sleep better, increase focus & boost performance. That’s why we created Chojuu, an engaging and effective breathing app that helps people to become more resilient.

Chojuu helps you to
- Reduce stress
- Improve focus
- Increase awareness
- Improve sleep

Included exercises
- Be Present
- Relieve Stress
- Refocus & Energize
- Wind Down

Track your progress
- Levels
- Sessions completed
- Total time breathed
- Total breaths
- Streaks
- Calendar

Compare against colleagues (business only)
- Customized breathing challenges
- Team leaderboard
- Weekly e-mail updates

Learn about breathing
- Breathing coaches
- Stress management
- Breathing 1o1
- Science of wellbeing

Connect with Chojuu
- Instagram: @Chojuu
- Twitter: @ChojuuHealth

Got any questions or feedback? Reach out to us via

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