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Receive instant feedback when you exceed your doctor’s prescribed weight bearing (WB) status. Communicate your rehabilitation concerns with your physician and monitor your daily activity level

How Does It Work?

- Doctor sets the WB program to increase the axial load during rehabilitation
- Patient adheres to the program using real-time feedback cues from the Patient App and Smart Crutch Tips. Data is sent to the patient's phone and doctor's digital dashboard
- Doctor monitors how the patient loads the involved leg per WB restrictions
- Doctor is alerted to and addresses patient concerns via SOS button in the Doctor App
- Doctor adapts in real time the WB program to the patient's needs
- Patient adjusts the axial load on the involved leg according to the doctor's instructions

Patient’s Benefits With Smart Crutch Tips

- Learn the appropriate weight bearing level as your rehabilitation progresses
- Stay on track with your rehabilitation by following your gait data on the digital dashboard
- Recover at home under your doctor's remote supervision
- Communicate your concerns with the doctor/rehabilitation professional via SOS button
- Facilitate your recovery by decreasing possible risks of complications from overloading or underloading your surgical or injured leg

Smart Crutch Tips: Take Control of Your Rehabilitation

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