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Greatness is a self-care app that helps people improve their lives by developing healthy habits and daily routines that positively affect their physical and mental health.

You will not have to rely on willpower or motivation. Greatness is based on cutting-edge behavioral science and helps you form habits that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. We believe that the best way to self-improvement lies in discovering your natural strengths.


PERSONALIZED HABIT PROGRAMS created by behavioral scientists based on your individual lifestyle and goals.
CUSTOM ROUTINES for every part of your day. Create your own personal morning, day, and evening routine. Design your lifestyle exactly how you want it, whether it's a "pick up kids from school" routine or a "things to do before work" routine.
HABIT TRACKER for unlimited habits. Create your own schedule with a daily checklist and see detailed statistics. Get reminders throughout the day to help you stay on track, be persistent and successfully achieve your goals.
EXPERT-CURATED COURSES on essential lifestyle topics that will help you adopt and maintain habits easily.
DAILY AUDIO COACHING from certified experts to help you stay focused on your journey. Greatness serves as your life coach, helping you develop healthy habits for your body and mind in a proven way.
MEANINGFUL STRUCTURE, which you can customize with just a few clicks. It encourages you to naturally make better everyday choices by complementing your lifestyle instead of disrupting it.
ALL-AROUND SUPPORT and guidance along your way. We're always ready to help you stay mindful and get back on track when you stumble by embracing bad days and learning from them through customized routines. Daily motivation guaranteed.


ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
Anxiety and procrastination
Insomnia – sleep disorders
Stress management
Time management
Work-life balance
Quitting bad habits
Weight loss (fitness and nutrition)
Mental health and mindfulness


Self-discipline becomes effortless. Take small steps to set yourself up for success.
A wide range of habits you can develop. Choose the default ones suggested by our app, or create your own habits.
Habits that really stick. With reminders, easy tracking, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, it's easier to stay consistent.
You'll get a fully personalized program that will help you achieve your goals more easily.
We make it easy for you to stay consistent without relying on willpower or motivation.

There's no better day than today to start taking care of yourself. Make it count!
Sign up today to start your journey toward your best self.

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