Sviluppatore: Gymness
Categoria: Salute e benessere
Prezzo: Gratis

We have created Gymness, a family of intelligent gym equipment based on servo drive and electronic control system with cloud storage.

Gymness gym equipment allows you to train in a variety of user-adjustable programs. You don't need professional trainers and training diaries — the Gymness system will calculate and plan them with an individual approach to each user. Personalized workouts mean better results.

The Gymness app stores your workout history automatically, allowing you to easily track your progress over time and reach your goals faster. The app and the workout machine keep track of sets, reps and rest periods on their own, so the workout time is spent as efficiently as possible.

The Gymness app provides a number of predefined workout programs, but does not limit to them — users can create their own programs and share them with friends. By adding a friend, you can see his achievements and training progress, motivating yourself to reach new heights.

The app is designed specifically to use with Gymness equipments and is not compatible with other machines.

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