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Easy to use - provide a verified mobile phone number and a nickname, that's all!

At Table Ordering - With at table ordering becoming more common place, how about an app that allows you to order at your table but also provides you with a log of the locations you have visited, the orders you’ve placed, and how much you have spent. Shared with nobody, not even the venue! Loyalty and rewards coming soon too.

GDPR Compliant - Your Data is Your Data. Janus.FYI is for your information. If you are comfortable providing more personal information, we will store only the information you allow us to save, and only share this information with people and organisations you choose.

We require:
* NO Location services
* NO Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Location Tracking & Positioning
* NO Near-Field-Communication (NFC)

We do not accept advertising, therefore there are no tracking cookies. This means you are in control, nobody else!

Group Check-In - With group check in, each person can have up to 32 active friends and family of which they can check in 6 into a location with them - due to current restrictions. This means everybody doesn’t have to scan the QR code on their phone one person can add everyone (including those without a smartphone!). More than this, because you're linked, even if you didn’t check yourself in, if one of your friends and family did, you can check yourself out when you leave! Group ordering at table coming soon!

For businesses, we offer a real low cost fully integrated solution with more services being developed to enhance your customer offering. We have a sister app too to help manage your back of house…

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